Lead Designer, 2017-present
I was the first full-time design hire at atSpoke where I worked very cross-functionally across Product and Marketing.

atSpoke is creating the next generation service desk. Our generation wants everything quick and now. With fragmented knowledge everywhere employees were having a hard time knowing who to go to for their IT request and so atSpoke was born. By using AI and ML we solved a very big issue. Employees can now make a requests and atSpoke will either suggest a knowledge resource or send to the right team member.
Since I started working at atSpoke i've seen it grow and really evolved based on what customers really need.
Product | Design lead
I worked on all the product features from day one. Here are a few projects I worked on:
Branding | Design lead
My role at askSpoke varied from Product design to running all the brand design.
I was the sole designer and managed all our freelancers to make sure we had a consistent and
cohesive brand throughout all company teams.